What We Eat in a Day [Vegan] #9 | Veganlovlie – Fusion Mauritian Recipes

October 11, 2019

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a while since we did a video on what we eat. We have been focusing more on recipe videos
lately, but we thought once in a while we would feature what we eat, since we have had a few
requests for these videos. Depending on the season and also how we are
feeling on a day-to-day basis, what we eat varies quite a bit. So, we will try to do more of these videos
so that you can have a sense of what we eat as a vegan couple. We started the day with our usual cup of black
tea with oat milk. Kevin likes his tea with maple syrup. I like mine without any sweetener. We had a banana each while I was preparing
breakfast. So, for the first meal of the day, I made
some savoury oatmeal. I usually save my broccoli stalks and use
them separately in other recipes. Today, they are going in this savoury oats
dish. I like to peel the stalk as it can be a little
fibrous sometimes, especially closer to the bottom part. Then for this dish, I am dicing them. We already have a couple of savoury oats recipes
on the channel. One of them is with red lentils which give
you a protein boost. But for today, we are having just vegetables. Since the broccoli stalks will take a little
bit longer to cook, I add them together with the oats. I am using thick cut rolled oats which take
a little longer to cook. If you use quick oats, it might be a good
idea to cook the broccoli stalk first then add in the oats. I had some cabbage that needed to be used
up so I tossed them in along with some frozen sweet corn. For taste and some vitamin B12, I like to
add nutritional yeast. And for today, I am adding a little bit of
turmeric. But I vary the spice and herbs. Savoury oats is very versatile and you can
literally make it with any vegetables that you have on hand. Sprinkled with some black pepper and Italian
herbs, this was tasty and filled us up for half of the day. During Summer, we tend to have just two main
meals a day. So, throughout the day, we snacked on some
fruits. I bought a few Sharon fruits or persimmon
and they were gorgeous, sweet and refreshing. We had them with some grapes. Later during the day, we had a cup of tea
with some chickpea flour snacks. They are the ones that we showed to you in
our Indian grocery haul for that week. I like to mix the different varieties and
add a few raisins. They make a good snack for us since we are
both allergic to most nuts and many seeds. So, this really limits the type of snacks
we can have. It was nearly time for dinner. I decided to cook some okra. I pan fried them with some spices. I am working on this recipe. It needs a little tweaking and then we’ll
be ready to share it with you. I served the okra with brown rice to which
I added some black rice; it gives it a slightly different taste and texture. I also made some chickpeas in tomato sauce,
somewhat like a rougaille. We have a couple of rougaille recipes on the
channel and if you want to make it you can swap in chickpeas in the Red Kidney Bean Rougaille. We accompanied this meal with some Indian
style mango pickle. This is just store-bought pickle. After dinner, we relaxed
with a cup of rooibos tea. So, this was our food day. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Let us know if you would like to see more
like this in the future. Cheers and see you next time.

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