Why are bees and other pollinators suffering from malnutrition?
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Why are bees and other pollinators suffering from malnutrition?

March 9, 2020

(upbeat music) – I think the awareness
that has been raised because of colony
collapse disorder in 2006 has really improved the
situation for pollenators in many ways. Despite all these efforts
that have been made it hasn’t been quite enough yet. And when we think about colony health we’re talking more wholistically. And again it’s sort of these four p’s so parasites, pathogens,
pesticides and poor nutition seem to be the major factors
that are impacting bees and then they also act
synergistically with each other. The problems that we’re
seeing with honey bees we also seeing with the native bees and agian that’s not a management issue that’s a landscape level issue where the native bees are experiencing fragmented habitats, poor
nutrition and pesticide use in various context, that’s
going to reduce their ability to survive. It’s very clear that bees need to forage from a diversity of
flowering plant species in order to get the
nutrition that they need. A lot of other countries in Europe in particular have really
focused on this and tried to come up with ways to deal with it. And in the U.S. there’s been
sort of a more fragmented approach, these are really global issues that require sort of global thought about how they can be dealth with.

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