Why Collagen Peptides DO NOT Work!!! Collagen Protein
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Why Collagen Peptides DO NOT Work!!! Collagen Protein

March 9, 2020

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  1. I'm a 32 year old guy…I shouldn't need this stuff, but my days are long and Im only getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night. Wrinkles are starting to show on my forehead and I've also started getting pimples that last two weeks maybe three! My diet is fairly good, I would say. I work out and cleanse my face almost daily. I'm going to be putting two scoops of this stuff in my dinner smoothies. I'm sure my body will absorb everything at night since I don't really eat food before bed. My hair is also thinning. Maybe this will help..idk. Probably not. I'm doubtful. I don't deal with joint pain but we all gotta avoid that– because that's what really slows us down when we get older!

  2. She is young and still has young skin….cute. Thanks for the info about the vitamin C. I just started researching collagen and can use all the help I can get before purchasing.

  3. I started using collagen peptides the 5Types. I notice growth in hair, harder stronger nails and skin heals faster from cuts

  4. Not sure why there are still so many people who are miserably going bald and spending money on shots or implants.
    This is all BS.
    When I was 20 I could have shampooed my hair with vinegar. I had a full beautiful full hair of hair.
    I have tried EVERYTHING including this.
    My hair looks a bit shiny but that about it.
    Whatever….. i guess this is the next new trend.
    More money for those companies, good for them.

  5. The collagen replenish powder is the one I take. The difference between that and the vital collagen is the replenish powder is made from verisol collagen. This is the type of collagen used in the study. consumers labs also recommends using verisol collagen because of the study.

  6. It’s the fact that you only take 5 grams a day. You have to take more than that…I’ve gotten great results from using collagen. But it did take 2 months for my hair to start to grow and my skin looked better after a week. It’s kinda weird to make a video like this if your not following the recommended dosage.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey ❤️

  7. Thx but I discovered It is animal bones and cartilages so I have to go another route.. No disrespect for those who it works for..

  8. This dont work for me gave me tennis elbow and to the point I couldn’t not even move my arm got worse the more i took. Fish oil helped more . Cant say for everyone.

  9. This is gonna sound crazy and please don't get me wrong, has anyone else felt horny all the time while taking this supplements? I have found my self "extra" lately since taking it and I wonder if is bcus of collagen reason?

  10. Good info, I was just about to hit order on Amazon but had to make sure it contained vitamin c and yep it does. Thanks 🙂

  11. Look for Dr Axe video … he talks about collagen loading. For at least 1 month you take around 10gms of collagen 3 times a day … after that you cut back to around 10gms a day.

  12. There are many ways to get vit C … stiir collagen into fresh squeezed orange juice or eat an orange at the same time or drink with lemon water

  13. There are 6 different types of Collagen protein. Each doing something a little different. You need to take the ones for what you need.

  14. Collagen to me is that unknown animal and that is why I take low doses…just to be safe…If you do not have dietary issues you can get in animal foods such as chicken and pork skins but the amount is small…

  15. Look up "collagen loading". You should be taking multiple scoops a day at first to get your levels up. Then you can do 1 scoop a day to maintain. I also am taking the kind that is 20g of collagen per scoop. My hair NEVER grew….it took the first 3-4 months and it only made my hair THICKER…..THEN it took another 2 months or so of taking this daily to see it get longer.

  16. Like others said the title is misleading becatyou aren't taking sufficient amount to see results. When taken correctly it absolutely works

  17. Collagen from Costco common you kidding right ?whenever you want to buy any product for health you can’t do Costco period you have to love your self enough to spend as much as you can if you are cheap calling it for what it is , will give you cheap bad results period . It must be organic possible in the raw form I don’t even know why the Vitamine shop a generic shop garbage in another words you have to buy stuff that is been lab tested with certificates From reliable sources Vitamine shop it’s the worst place to get anything period don’t

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