Why Diets Don’t Work To Treat Obesity
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Why Diets Don’t Work To Treat Obesity

October 15, 2019

When it comes to treating obesity, most people
think that just losing weight is the answer. The problem with that is that the way our
bodies work is, they’ll do almost anything to defend our body weight. Now, we understand the biology behind that,
we know that when you go on a diet or start a program for weight loss, your body is going
to gear up to try to minimize the amount of weight that you can lose and is going to do
whatever it can to put the weight back on. That is why most programs, most diets that
you’ve heard of will fail in the long-term because when you discontinue any treatment
for obesity the weight comes back. And that’s why Canadian Medical Association,
American Medical Association and the World Obesity Federation all now consider obesity
to be a chronic disease.It doesn’t matter how you put the weight on. It doesn’t matter why you put the weight. It doesn’t matter when you put the weight
on– your body is going to defend that body weight. And that’s the problem that every patient
with obesity is going to up against and that is generally a lifelong problem.

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