Why now? North Korea fires first projectile test of the year amid global coronavirus outbreak

March 8, 2020

now following North Korea’s surprise
test firing of two short-range projectiles on Monday the regime has
come out to say its leader Kim jong-un supervised the drill personally but why
has an auth decided to conduct such a weapons test now especially when the
world is focused on dealing with this coronavirus outbreak Oh Sooyoung reports North Korea’s latest projectile launch
may have been a show of strength amid the spread of the corona virus amid
speculation that the covert 19 outbreak could devastate the North Korean
population which is already suffering from poor health and malnutrition expert
dr. mark berry told Arirang news the launch may have been designed to prove
otherwise Kim during on surely senses that the
world thinks Oh North Korea must be totally encumbered and overwhelmed with
coronavirus concerns and although all his generals were wearing masks in the
pictures that were released yesterday the reality is that he probably was
trying to show to the world and to the president as well that we are here and
we’re going to be continuing our testing especially since you Americans have
announced a postponement of your joint military exercises which are normally
scheduled for March it’s not only the global community that’s concerned about
the covert 19 outbreak North Koreans could face a significant economic
downturn sealing the country’s borders to keep out the virus is likely to cause
a drastic drop in trade with its economic lifeline China dr. berry says
the launch could also be a strategic move to offset the regime’s heavy
dependence on Beijing always the seeking of attention is to engage the United
States in a way that it can balance in my view the enormous pressure from China
because in the long run the DPRK the more it relies on China the more it
risks a progressive loss of economic and
political sovereignty so the United States is extremely important and always
has been but especially in this age of president xi jinping
and the the emergence of a very strong Chinese hegemonic power in the region
but will Kong’s provocation get the attention the regime seeks experts say
as both China and the US responded a covert 19 outbreak and other domestic
issues such as the u.s. presidential elections the North Korean agenda won’t
be high on their list of priorities meanwhile the North’s state-run Korean
Central News Agency on Tuesday said Kim jong-un himself had inspected a
long-range artillery unit row when the projectiles were launched North Korea
Laster conducted 13 weapons tests but has been relatively silent over the last
three months Oh Sooyoung Arirang news

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