Will The CORONAVIRUS STOP BODYPOWER | Arnold Classic 2020 CANCELLED | EPIC Back Workout
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Will The CORONAVIRUS STOP BODYPOWER | Arnold Classic 2020 CANCELLED | EPIC Back Workout

March 10, 2020

Hello people and welcome to Jon sheppard fitness. Finally we have got some sun and hopefully it’s stays. So
what have we got in today’s video we have got a back workout me and my coach
both agree that my back is not up to scratch so I’m gonna go through an epic
back workout and it’s going to be a killer so if you’re struggling with your
back and you want to get bigger stay tuned also I’m gonna be talking
about the coronavirus and is it gonna effect bodypower this year is it gonna
shut it down if you haven’t heard the Arnold classics has already been canceled
because of it so I’ll link down in the description to fast forward to that or
if you want to watch the whole video which I really want you to stay tuned
because I’m first going to aldi because I need some yogurts and then I’m hitting
the gym for that epic back workout so let’s go to Aldi grey wolf I have now found your costume
for bodypower. haha. So then to the other topic which is
about obviously the coronavirus and if bodypower is still going ahead
if you’re going to bodypower or competing in bodypower or having a
stall on bodypower or anything to do with bodypower at the moment bodypower
is still going ahead there was a message actually on the Instagram from bodypower itself saying there is no intention of actually canceling the show
obviously the virus is spreading and it’s not spreading huge amounts but it’s
still spreading and it’s only still early stages but people are starting to
worry about the actual virus going ahead obviously there’s no cure for this virus
and because of body power is a very big event people from anywhere can come to
this event and it is filled with hundreds of thousands of people and I’ve
got a number how many people have you went to body power last year but you’re
looking in the tens of thousands one of a major event has canceled and that is
that Arnold Schwarzenegger event which is the Arnolds and that’s just as big as
body power obviously it’s in America the government actually had to close it down
obviously if you haven’t seen me the Instagram post by Arnie he actually told
people that the event is actually still going ahead if your competitor book fans
people who are going on the stores the stores themselves it’s all canceled so
it’s only for the competitors to actually go so it’s only people at
competing who are actually going to the classic Arnold’s in
which is a bit of a shock I actually fought out all the places that I fought
that that wouldn’t really take effect because I don’t know the actual state of
actual this coronavirus in America and I don’t know if they’ve got it over there
because it’s more you repeat based obviously and but one good thing is that
there’s a big massive show in the UK at the NEC this weekend and it’s cross if
you don’t know crosses it’s a dog show on the news there was actually a report
about who actually attends cross you know I’ll see those people attended was
a lot of the competitors the owners of the dogs the biggest country that
competed in cross last year was Italy and Italy was where the breakout went
from China to you know a lot of most of the schools in Italy are closed down and
it’s on lockdown Italy basically is but they’re still going ahead it’s on
actually now as I’m speaking to you and it’s good news for body power because
obviously hopefully it’s all sold out I mean we’ve got two months until body
power so he’s hopefully sorted out but if it’s not sorted out it could get
worse and then there’ll be there’ll be just no chanting also it’s going to stay
open he’s – it’s too big anything from the NEC I’m talking not just talking
about body power I’m talking about any event at that place will probably close
down I don’t know about the competitive side obviously the Arnie’s the
competitors are still competing in there so they might just let the competitors
because obviously they know who is going who’s entered where they’re prom or
nationality they’ll probably check everybody saying
have you been to this place or this place probably get will probably all
have to get checked and that’s the main worry about me if it does get canceled
all this hard work time money that I’ve spent to get ready for this one show
we’ll all be throw it away you know it’s not like just going to the show where
you know it’s just it’s not like just going to the show where you it’ll come
back on and I’ve been prepping since the 1st of January you know every single
week I’ve been eating to lose weight to get in shape for this show and it will
all go down the drain because of a stupid virus that no one knows how to
get rid of or how to cure how even came and it’s just not me who will be gutted
it’ll be every single competitor who’s going in that games to have all that
hard work done for nothing yes I could probably compete in another
one but who saying that anybody could compete in any thing you know if it gets
where the outbreak gets even bigger and bigger we do not know I won’t know you
won’t know but we’ll all know together because it will always be on news I’m
keep on checking the news every day you know if it’s more breakout so you know I
think at the moment about 160 people and body but if you’re worried about this
coronavirus right I’m not an expert I’m not doctor I’m not a scientist and I’m
nothing but if you are healthy and middle-aged you know from or teenage or
if you’re a teenager to probably 50 60 and you’re in healthy condition don’t
need to worry because the virus which cannot really affect us it all be like a
cold you know a flu it won’t kill us off then people who are most at risk are
very young children because obviously a new immune system is not actually good
enough yet and people who are ill or people who are I’ve got a disease or
people who I’ve got like something like diabetes
ooh or a bit oh very sick at that time these are the people who can suffer the
elderly as well so if you are one of them
just be careful if you do get any signs of any coughing or don’t just think it’s
the flu or a little cough or something like that way it’s going to go after a
couple of days just get make sure you just ring up the doctors and they will
sort you out you know they’ll tell you what who’d phone because there’s a
special number for it and everything will be soared and then you’ll be put in
quarantine if you have got it you know so it’s not the best of things you know
what I hear while I’m on prep but hopefully it will go away and in a
couple of weeks time no one even talked about it but I wanted to get this issue
out the way because I would see there’s a lot of people who follow me there’s a
lot of people who I follow and we don’t know where it stands you know I know
certain people who I follow who this is their one and only thing going to body
power you know lady said thing they do every year and they love it you know and
even though the show wasn’t that good last year it’s gonna be so good this
year because what I’m gonna be entering it you know I mean so it just can’t do
this can’t stop it just yeah I mean I’ll just hope the don’t anyway let me know
your thoughts on the whole situation with this coronavirus or corona corona
virus our decor because it’s quite interesting if somebody’s got actually
more any more information about it and the big topic do you actually know
somebody who’s got it you know or somebody in your area who’s got it
because if they have be careful it’d be quite interesting to find out you know
if people are like worried about it or people are like in working
big places where there’s a lot of people because obviously we could be on
lockdown I will see you next time you

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  1. Oh cheeky haha ya I'm gutted for those that where going to The Arnold and next months FIBO in Germany has been cancelled as well but they reckon it will peak here around Easter so we will have to see MINT

  2. Yeah a lot of concerts/ classes and things are getting canceled here in America too. Not everywhere but certain counties are worried about the exposure risk more than others! Looking forward to when this all calms down 😔

  3. Either way mate stay focused on your goal, competitions still went ahead at the Arnold so the likelihood is it would be the same here too. Keep working 💪

  4. Doug Wenning talks a lot about how if people have done a lot of biceps training it will effect your back progress as your biceps will take over the move limiting how much back is used in those exercises…Keep at it and hopefully things will settle down with this coronavirus and it'll all work out!!

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