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February 29, 2020

hi I’m on sammich Annie my Center name
biome is located in Allegan lacera Lingam Pali I have a very interesting
topic for you today and it’s about obesity how yoga is going to help to
fight obesity let’s understand what is obesity and is it really concerning to
everybody and how you need to get to know how the obesity is going to be a
very major health problem for many of us if your BMI is about 25 then you come
into the category of overweight but if you BMI increases of more than 30 it is
a sign of risk sign of ill health issues anything about 30 the BMI is termed as
obesity the reason for obesity there are many reasons first of all it comes to
lifestyle disorders lifestyle disorders like we overeat and we are not burning
our calories not doing any kind of physical activity
the fat is increasing in the body and it is converted more fat the wizarding fat
or the fat mass is increasing in the body and then we have irregular eating
habits which will also lead to obesity and we are taking foods more into
calories and not much of nutrition foods we are taking processed foods eating a
lot of dairy products extreme consumption of dairy products but cheese
butter milk anything that is going to cause us obesity and also eating lot of
cold foods every time having cold foods also not good it slows down your
metabolism and it does not help us in burning our calories when we eat a lot
of cold foods it turns into increased fat deposits in the body system how Yoga
is going to counteract reason of obesity and how it’s gonna
help you as that there is an imbalance in the energy system the imbalance is
the physical energy the emotional energy and the mental energy so when you do
your yoga practice they comes in balance of the energy system your metabolism
improves when you do your yoga postures the required the needed yoga postures in
obesity it will help to tone up your muscles and burn the fat since your
muscles get activated and you stay in the posture for some time you your
muscles get activated where the fat mass increases decreases and your muscle mass
increases as I go through the postures you’ll come to know about that let us
get to know some yoga poses that’s gonna help you to fight obesity and there is
one more big reason that this appetite is controlling you too much you have too
much appetite where the reason you eat over it is because there is imbalance in
your appetite you have too much appetite and you eat a lot so this yoga was gonna
help you to balance your appetite and you eat at the right time and you feel
full at the right time your metabolism is the one which has to improve Yoga is
one good way to increase your metabolism to burn your calories to burn your fat
it increases your digestive system you feel your digestive system is healthy
when you do your yoga and we get on to the next posture the next one we are going with is
partial konasana or side angle pose this asana is very effective the way it helps
you is works on your sides of your abs the extra fat that we burned up over
here the sides it really works you will feel it stretching as well as it
stimulates when you go to the sides works on your abdominal muscles also
your thighs and your hips it works your entire torso and your hips and thighs
also your arms let’s get started with this and how we go with the practice
keep your legs shoulder-width apart your toes pointing forward you take your
hands to your waist you draw your shoulders back and you spread your hands
out then you take from your warrior two keeping your knees soft of the bent knee
you inhale and stay over there the moment you stay here that is this you
feel a good stretch over here strip and a good squeeze of the abdominal muscles
over here you exhale and stay there you inhale back to the center you turn to
your left side foot pointing forward and you exhale inhale and exhale to the side
stairs much comfortable as you can not crossing your knees be on your toes
again come to your Center back in here exhale your toes pointing forward inhale
your hands Nixie you back you can do this five
times or five breaths inhale and stay over here there’s also activation of your inner
thighs and outer thighs and your back front thighs there is good stimulation
and you feel the soar of the thighs also your abdominals to the front and the
sides and the back fat which is also getting stimulated and worked up coming
again watch this again when you do your yoga postures your thyroid gland is
always getting stimulated it helps to increase your metabolism since we are
doing this posture you see your neck as you take your hands your neck also turns
to that angle and you feel your next tyroid gland stimulating strengthening
free coming back to the center one last time you do it on the other side stay as
comfortable as you can for minimum of four breaths if you have to increase
increase for two more and stay there be with the breath that every posture
inhale to the center back exhale your toes to the side inhale and stay there
for five breaths come back to the center your hands to
the waist allow your shoulders to Coba step your right foot closely a left
looked cosa as you finish the posture come back to the feet closer to you
allow your shoulders to drop down allow your breath to slow down keep your hands
to the center of your palms take two slow breaths and get your hands to the
side of you I hope you like the yoga postures that I did for the obesity how
it can help you to keep your lifestyle healthy and to balance your hormones
your metabolism and to also work on your abdominal fat and the postures which
help you to burn and reduce the fat in the muscles and also help you to balance
your lifestyle the only way is to increase your physical activity by
walking doing getting into some classes and also having a healthy eating habits
we always have to watch our habits not our rate once you know you’re keeping
your habits very healthy you fall into a healthy pattern of living and you able
to get your eating habits regularized and you see that you’re losing weight as
you keep your habits healthy make sure to increase your physical activity and
not to take long gaps without any physical activity your eating habits
have to be very healthy eating natural foods more than the processed foods and
at regular intervals Yoga is one way to increase your metabolism and to benefit
is very beneficial to help in reducing your abdominal fat and keeping you
healthy but good flexibility and wellness and well-being I hope you like
these yoga postures that you can see a difference with your body as you keep
practicing it

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