Yoga for weight loss and obesity | Motapa kam krne ke liye Yoga |  yoga tips for belly fat  ||
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Yoga for weight loss and obesity | Motapa kam krne ke liye Yoga | yoga tips for belly fat ||

March 10, 2020

Fat may occur due to many reason as disturbed metabolism, thyroid,less physical activity,genetic etc but it can cured through KapalBhati Pranayam anulom vilom must be practised with any pranayam. Now I am showing ten exercises which are easy and can be done by anyone these two in sitting posture as shown, each starting with 20 times increasing upto 50-100 in one sitting this exercise also beneficial for uterus and overy tumers and overall health of all females secondly this exercise as shown, so effective in treating fat and reducing weight Exercise- 3 lie down and raising legs one by one or both at a time whichever possible . Must be avoided by spondilitis, heart and high BP patients now forming a zero as shown in the video with both legs one by one. it reduces lower body fat and helps in weight management usually fat occurs on waistline, thighs stomach,upper arms. and breasts, cycling as shown should also be done all three exercises must be done for 2-5 minutes so till now 2 exercises in sitting postion and 3 exercises in lying posture as illustrated Now we will practise 5 exercises in standing posture.. 1 – Jogging 2-beding side by side i.e Trikona aasan or Triangle posture as shown 3- Kona Aasan or Angled Posture i.e bending forward and touching feet by opposite hand. every exercise 25-50 times initially , its really benefits for sure, i have seen peoples who managed their fats upto 15-25 kgs in 1-2 months 4- bending forward and backward ,Avoided by spondilitis patients.. 5 – This exercise had been practised by all in their school during PT session Jumping and Stretching Hands lifting up to the shoulders and then overhead . practise all these 10 exercise daily for 20-30 minutes.. My experience is that you will loose weight and fat for sure… one most importent suggestion, use warm water for drinking, Those who want to loose weight instantly must use warm water Don’t each much at a time instead eat less every 4-5 hours 8AM- 12PM – 5 PM – 8-9 PM.. Subscribe This Channel for videos with English Subtitles.

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